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Chain Stores

VoIP Communication Solution for Chain Stores

• Overview

Nowadays facing intense competitions, the retail professional needs to keep fast-growing and flexibility. For chain stores, they need to contact closely with headquarter professionals, suppliers and customers, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, at the same time, lower down the communication cost. When they open new stores, they hope the deployment of the new phone system should be easy and quick, the hardware investment should not be costly. For headquarter management team, how to manage hundreds of chain stores’ telephone systems and unify them as one, is a realistic problem they need to handle.

• Solution

CASHLY presents our small IP PBX JSL120 or JSL100 for chain stores, a solution of compact design, rich features, simple installation and management.

JSL120: 60 SIP users, 15 concurrent calls

JSL100: 32 SIP users, 8 concurrent calls


• Features & Benefits


JSL120/JSL100 supports 4G LTE, both data and voice. For data, you can use 4G LTE as primary internet connection, simplify the installation and save you from a trouble of applying the land-line internet service from service providers and doing cabling. Also, you can use 4G LTE as network failover, when the land-line internet is down, auto switch to 4G LTE as internet connection, provides business continuity and ensures uninterrupted business operations. For voice, VoLTE (Voice over LTE) provides better voice, also known as HD voice, this high-quality voice communication brings better customer satisfactions.

• Versatile IP PBX

As an all-in-one solution, JSL120/ JSL100 utilizes all your existing resources, allows connections with your PSTN/CO line, LTE/GSM, analog phone and fax, IP phones, and SIP trunks. You don’t need to have all, as our modular architecture give you different options tailored for your actual scenarios.

• Better Communication & Cost-saving

Now making calls to the headquarter and other branches is so easy, simply dial the SIP extension number. And No cost on these internal VoIP calls. For outbound calls to reach customers, least cost routing (LCR) always find the lowest call cost for you. Our good compatibility with other vendors’ SIP solutions makes the communication seamless no matter which brand SIP devices you are using.


With built-in VPN feature, enable the chain stores to connect with headquarter in secure.

• Centralized & Remote Management

Each device embedded with intuitive web interface, and helps users configure and manage device in a most simple way. Furthermore, CASHLY DMS is a centralized management system, allows you to manage hundreds of devices at one single web interface, locally or remotely. All these helps you reduce the management and maintenance cost largely.

• Recording & Call Statistics

The statistics of incoming/outgoing calls and recording empower you the possibility to gain customer insights with your big data tools. Knowing your customer behavior and preference is one key factor to your success. The call recordings are also useful materials of your internal training program and help improve work efficiency.

• Call Paging

Paging features enables you to make announcements like promotion by your IP phone.

• Wi-Fi Hotpot

JSL120 / JSL100 can work as a Wi-Fi hotpot, keeps all your smart phones, tablets and laptops in connection.