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Hospitality Industry

High-density FXS Gateways in Hospitality Industry

• Overview

When thinking about migrating to state-of-art VoIP telephony solutions, hotel owners feel headaches. There are already many special hotel analog phones in their guest rooms, most of them used to be customized to fit their businesses and services which can only be cultivated in years. Usually, it is impossible to find IP Phones in the market so proper for their distinct services, their customers may not want a change as well. The most important part may also be, replacing all these phones would cost too much. Which make things worse, more and more hotels are providing internet services to guest rooms via Wi-Fi, which is obviously more convenient and better for customers’ needs; When there are no internet cables in each room, it is unlikely to deploy IP Phones as most of them need wired internet connections.

CASHLY high-density FXS VoIP Gateway JSLAG series make all these no more obstacles.


Use CASHLY 32 ports JSLAG2000-32S for each floor to connect with analog hotel phones and hotel IP telephony system via SIP. Or use 128 ports JSLAG3000-128S for 2-3 floors.

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• Features & Benefits

• Cost Saving

Smoothly transiting to VoIP system, on one hand, will save you a lot on telephone bills; on the other hand, this solution also reduces your additional investments by retaining your analog hotel phones.

• Good Compatibility

Tested with analog hotel phone brands like Bittel, Cetis, Vtech etc. Also compatible with all kinds of VoIP phone systems, IP PBXs, and SIP servers in the market.

• Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)

MWI is an important feature needed on hotel phones. You can be at ease about this because MWI is already supported on CASHLY high-density FXS gateways and has been proven in several deployments in hotels and resorts.

• Long Lines

CASHLY high-density FXS gateways support up to 5 kilometers long line for your phone sets, which can cover the whole floor or even several floors.

• Easy Installation

No need for any additional internet cables and analog lines in guest rooms, all installation can even be done in the hotel data room. Simply connect your hotel phones to VoIP FXS Gateways via RJ11 ports. For JSLAG3000, additional patch panels are available to simplify the installation.

• Convenient Management & Maintenance

Easy to configure, manage and maintain on intuitive web interfaces or by auto-provisioning in bulk. All gateways can also be accessed and managed remotely.