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SBC for Zoom

CASHLY Session Border Controllers for Zoom Phone

• Background

Zoom is one of the most popular Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms. More and more enterprises are using the Zoom Phone for their daily communications. Zoom Phone allows modern enterprises of all sizes to move to the cloud, eliminating or simplifying the migration of legacy PBX hardware. With Zoom’s Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) feature, enterprise customers have the flexibility to keep their current PSTN service providers. CASHLY Session Border Controllers offer connectivity for Zoom Phone to their preferred carriers securely and reliably.

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Bring your own carrier to Zoom Phone with a CASHLY SBC


Connectivity: How to connect Zoom Phone with your current service providers and existing phone system? SBC is an essential element in this application.

Security: Even as powerful as the zoom phone, the security issues at the edge of the cloud platform and enterprise network must be solved.

How to start with Zoom Phone

Enterprises can get started with the Zoom Phone through the following three simple steps:

1. Get a Zoom Phone license.

2. Get a SIP trunk on Zoom Phone from your carrier or service provider.

3. Deploy a Session Border Controller to terminate the SIP Trunks. CASHLY offers SBCs hardware-based, software edition, and on your own Cloud.


Connectivity: SBC is a bridge between Zoom Phone and your SIP trunks from your service provider, offers seamless connections, allows customers to enjoy all of the benefits and features of Zoom Phone while keeping their existing service provider contracts, phone numbers, and calling rates with their preferred carrier. Also SBC offers connectivity between Zoom Phone and your existing phone system, this could be important if you have distributed branch offices and users, especially at this working-from-home stage.

Security: SBC acts as a secure voice firewall, using DDoS, TDoS, TLS, SRTP and other security technologies to protect the voice traffic itself and prevent bad actors from entering the data network through the voice network.


Secure Communication with a CASHLY SBC

Interoperability: The key parameters can be adjusted to quickly connect the Zoom Phone and SIP trunks, making the deployment simple and barrier-free.

Compatibility: Through the standardized operation of SIP messages and headers, and the transcoding between various codecs, you can easily connect with different SIP trunks service providers.

Reliability: All CASHLY SBCs offer high availability HA features to ensure your business continuity.