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Digital Building VIideo Intercom System

Digital Building Video Intercom System

Digital intercom system is an intercom system based on TCP/IP digital network. CASHLY TCP/IP-based Android/Linux video door phone solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies for building access and deliver higher security and convenience for modern residential buildings. It is composed of main gate station, unit outdoor station, villa door station, indoor station, management station, etc. It also includes access control system and elevator call system. The system has integrated management software, supports building intercom, video surveillance, access control, elevator control, security alarm, community information, cloud intercom and other functions, and provides a complete building intercom system solution based on residential communities.

Why choose IP system

System Overview

System Overview

Solution Features

Access Control

The user can call the outdoor station or the gate station at the door to open the door by visual intercom, and use the IC card, password, etc. to open the door. Managers can use property management software in the management center for card registration and card authority management.

Elevator Linkage Function

When the user performs call unlocking/password/swiping card unlocking, the elevator will automatically reach the floor where the outdoor station is located, and the authorization of the floor where the calling indoor station is opened. The user can also swipe the card in the elevator, and then press the corresponding floor elevator button.

Community Video Surveillance Function

Residents can use the indoor station to view the outdoor station video at the door, view the community public IPC video and the IPC video installed at home. Managers can use the gate station to view the outdoor station video at the door and view the community's public IPC video.

Community Information Function

Community property personnel can send community notification information to one or certain indoor stations, and residents can view and process the information in time.

Digital Building Intercom Function

The user can enter the number on the outdoor station to call the indoor unit or the guard station to realize the functions of visual intercom, unlocking, and household intercom. Property management personnel and users can also use the management center station for visual intercom. Visitors call indoor station through outdoor station, and residents can make clear video calls through the indoor station with visitors.

Face Recognition, Cloud Intercom

Support face recognition unlock, face photo being uploaded to public security system can realize network security, provide security for community. Cloud intercom APP can realize remote control, call, unlock, which provides convenience for residents.

Smart Home Linkage

By docking the smart home system, the linkage between video intercom and smart home system can be realized, which makes the product more intelligent.

Networked Security Alarm

The device has alarm function for drop-off and anti-dismantle. In addition, there’s emergency alarm button in indoor station with defence zone port. The alarm will be reported to management center and PC, to realize the network alarm function.

System Structure

System Structure1