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SMS Solution


  • Overview

SMS is still an active way to interacting people as it reaches mobile users directly. SMS notifications is important for industrial users like schools, governments. Moreover, as SMS is also an effective marketing tool, service providers or marketing company are offering SMS marketing as one of their services. CASHLY provides GSM/WCDMA/LTE VoIP Gateway, SIM Bank and SIM Cloud for SMS solutions for simple or complex applications, at an optimized cost.


Cost saving: Always use SIM cards with cheapest rate; SMS counter to avoid big bills.

Integrate with your SMS application easily with our flexible API.

Scalable architecture: Grow with your businesses.

Save your management cost: No need to travel to different location to manage SIMs, save the cost of on- site technicians.

Increase your customer awareness and loyalty via SMS marketing.

SMS alarm & SMS notification.

  • Features & Advantages

Powerful centralized management solution.

Allow SMS gateways distributed in different locations,

but manage SIM cards centrally in Sim Bank.

Easy to integrate with bulk SMS software.


SMPP support on SMS gateways.

Flexible SIM allocation strategies.

SIM protection with human behavior.

Email to SMS & SMS to Email.

Auto balance check & Recharge.

Delivery report.

SMS Counter.



Industry Verticals