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2020: CASHLY becomes China’s top two-wire video intercom provider

2020: CASHLY becomes China’s top two-wire video intercom provider

• 2020: CASHLY becomes China’s top two-wire video intercom provider.

The two-wire Video intercom system using high-speed broadband power carrier technology is based on IP digital technology and innovatively uses broadband power line carrier technology to realize complete two-wire (including power supply and information transmission) IP communication. Digital video intercom system with face recognition unlocking function.
The system has a built-in PLC module, which does not use the usual power carrier to transmit data signals through the power line, but innovatively uses the ordinary RVV two-core wire (or any two-core wire) for power supply and voice and image communication. After testing, the transmission distance exceeds the network cable, Signal stability meets requirements.


• All-IP network building/villa video intercom, TCP/IP protocol, LAN transmission, mainly used in residential quarters, villas, office buildings and other places.
Especially suitable for the upgrading market;
• Support two-way service transmission, support VTH and VTH voice calls, not only meet the needs of visual intercom, but also provide channels for remote push of information, video, and voice.
It can also be connected to the home network to realize mobile APP control and cloud intercom;
• No wiring is required, the extension's household line uses the laid RVV two-core line or the telephone line for non-polar access;
• Centralized power supply, providing remote centralized power supply for indoor unit, one-line transmission of power supply and signal;
• There is no floor height limit, support hand-in-hand connection and network cable direct connection;
• There is no limit to the number of units connected to the unit.

Installer consideration-2 wires

The two-line all-IP video intercom system plays a particularly prominent role in the renovation of old residential areas.
At present, nearly 1,000 old community intercom systems in first-tier cities in all over the world are facing transformation every year. In the renovation project of replacing analog voice intercom with digital video intercom in old communities, the created two-line all-IP video intercom is adopted. It only needs to connect to the RVV line originally laid in the building to communicate, avoiding the noise and dust impact caused by drilling holes through the wall to the owner, and greatly shortening the construction time and saving labor costs.

Post time: Jun-21-2022